Bob Boone

Bob's Works: Nonfiction

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  • All About a Bout
  • Ellen Gilchrist: Characterization in Short Stories
  • Fiction in Letters
  • Finding Your Voice
  • Hemingway and Silence
  • Irwin Shaw
  • Moving Pictures: The Talent of Tom Wolfe
  • The Narrator of "Bartleby": A Character in Crisis
  • Normal Mailer and Describing Physical Action
  • Planning Your Composition
  • Playing With Numbers: Bill James and Using Statistics
  • Robert Frost and Describing Natural Scenes
  • Setting the Stage: John Updike and Agatha Christie
  • Shirley Jackson -- Of Subtlety and Scapegoats
  • Sight and Insight: Describing the Ordinary
  • A Taste of Roald Dahl
  • William Maxwell and Choices in Handling Time
  • William Shakespeare and Choosing the Right Word

    Articles by Bob
    Police Stories
    Tests Don't Score Everything -- Chicago Sun Times, April, 1989
    Calvin Trillin: Breaking the Rules -- Writing, January, 1984
    Sport: Six Days on the Track -- The Reader, April, 1979
    A Key to the Top -- The Reader, February, 1978

  • Moe's Cafe
    Forty-eight decidedly different creative writing prompts for developing writers.

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    The meteoric life of one of baseball's first superstars: Hack Wilson

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    Inside Job: A Life of Teaching
    An enlightening and entertaining story of Bob Boone's education as a teacher.

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