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Try this with your students: "The Necessary Lie"

Tell your students: "You have a small job in a giant organization. This could be a corporation, the United States government, the Mafia, or anything else huge. Somehow you find out something bad is going on, and if it doesn't stop, there will be tragic consequences for innocent people. You want to stop this, but how? After weighing your options, you decide that you must lie."

Before they write the story, the students should answer these questions or at least think about them.

1) Who are you? (age, background etc.)
2) Where do you work?
3) What exactly do you do for this company?
4) What did you learn was happening?
5) How did you learn it?
6 What bad things will happen if this is not stopped?
7) Why can't you just tell the truth?
8) What's you lie?
9) What happens?

They should write this in the first person. Perhaps the event happened many years before. Or maybe it happened recently. Send us your results.

Here are a few samples:

  • Honesty
  • The Necessary Lie

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