Bob Boone

Teacher Advice -- March, 2008

Robbie Telfer
Young Chicago Authors, Performances Manager

Lesson: Create a [You]tionary

Rationale: In order to become a master of words, one must become more intimate with them. Promiscuous even.

Description: Over a period of time, have students bring words to the class that they believe no one knows the definitions of. Have them present the words at the beginning of every class, with each word's definition and a creative example sentence. If ambitious, assign each student a letter (e.g. "e" and "g") that their words must begin with – making the job of the "x" and "q" students an exhilarating challenge.

Goals: At the end of the predetermined period of time, compile all of the students' words that they presented into a single document. I called mine a "Robbtionary," for my name is Robb, and I was the amateur lexicographer in charge of compiling all those crazy words. This [You]tionary may be used as a parting memento for your students to remember you by, or it may be used as a resource later in the course ("Write a poem using only Phil and Janice's words and prepositions and articles").

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