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Try this out with your students, or try it out yourself:

You are sitting in the crowd at a baseball game that matters. The winner continues; the loser will go home. To people on the field and in the stands, this is important stuff. It's two outs in the 9th inning; the home team is behind, but the bases are loaded.

Write down quick answers for these questions:

1) What's the pitcher doing?
2) The batter?
3) Close your eyes. What do you hear?
4) What's the crazy fan in front of you shouting?
5) What's it look like in the dugouts?
6) What's the shortstop doing?
7) How about the hot dog salesman?
8) What are the base runners doing?
9) How do you feel at this moment?
10) The pitch is thrown. The batters swings. What happens?

Shape these responses into a letter to a friend who wishes he could have been there. You might want to turn this into a longer story with this as the beginning scene or this as the crucial scene.

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