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Ask your kids to try this:

Imagine that you are a junior in college. For the past year you have been employed by a university to give tours to prospective freshmen. Until today, these visitors have been eager to learn what you had to tell them. Today, though, you encounter a truly unusual individual. Before writing about this person, answer these questions.

     1. Who are you? What kind of school is it? Why are you a guide?
     2. Why at first does the person seem normal?
     3. What happens when you visited the library?
     4. What happens at the gym?
     5. The locker room?
     6. Cafeteria?
     7. The "Meet and Greet" session in the quad?
     8. How does the tour end?

Write the story of this strange tour. Choose the right voice for the tour leader. Add many more of your own details. Think about expanding this into a longer story? Does this remind you of any events from your life?

To read a student response to this prompt, check out Yusef's story in "Student Writing."

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