Bob Boone

The Mission: To help creative writing teachers sharpen their skills and expand their horizons.

The word for this edition of the web site is TRAVELING. We’re urging
you to ask your students to create narratives – true, not-so-true, or
fictional -- about people separated from their familiar haunts. These
travelers might be journeying next door, around the world or out of the
world. They might be seeking something or escaping something.

We’ve included many ideas to get your students started and the names
of many books that provide helpful models for travel writing. These
suggestions are for your students, but feel free to try them yourself.
No matter how busy you are, don’t abandon your own writing.

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Like many community colleges, Oakton community is sponsoring a one-act play concert. You can find out about Oakton’s by visiting this link
(look at the bottom of the 1st page of newsletter).


Great “On the Road” works.



While all teachers are welcome to hang out here, this siteshould be particularly appealing to that special breed of teacher -- the creative writing teacher.

This person might teach a course that is actually called "Creative Writing."

Or, this person might teach a regular old English course but load it up with creative writing options.

This person might not teach English at all, but sponsor the Creative Writing Club.

This person might simply get the mail for the "Creative Writing Person."

Or this person might be a creative writing wannabe anxious to use the stuff but not sure how to do it.

If you are one of these people, you're going to want to stick around.


The Latest from our Teachers

Go on line, and check out the Golden Shovel Anthology.
This is a like no ordinary anthology because the contributors have incorporated a piece of a published poem into something brand new. You might want to submit one of your own.

The Latest from our Students

Get ready for Louder Than a Bomb. This is the 14th year of this poetry slam for high school students. Check out the Young Chicago Authors Web Site for registration information. If this is your first time, you can arrange for someone to visit your school to learn what this event is all
about. Finals will be Saturday March 15, 6pm @ the Cadillac Palace Theater. For more information and events:





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